Evocial Campaign: Capture Your Audience

With the help and permission of our supporters throughout Facebook, we were able to compile a collage of photos capturing several audiences within the Evocial monogram.  

Mostly everyone captures special moments in their lives throughout social media. This type of content is usually liked and shared by their friends and family - something we should always keep in mind.  The more meaningful, humorous, or beneficial a photo, text, or video is the more likely they will like and share.

Understanding how and why they share on social media is imperative in creating content for your company.  As part of this campaign, and any future campaigns, we want to share the process of creating a digital campaign.

The final piece will be advertised throughout Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Individual pieces featured in the 4th phase will be advertised separately through the same channels.

Final Phase

EvoBeautifulLife 2015

4th Phase

phase 3

3rd Phase


2nd Phase


1st Phase

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