Evocial Internship

What is an Evocial Internship?

The Evocial Internship is a student program that is dedicated to the future success of students who are currently working towards a degree in marketing, advertising, and/or design. Our partnership with Platt College allows us to hire students as interns, where we create campaigns catered to their education.  

It is a strict learning process where students learn how to further organize, meet deadlines, file manage, self-manage, create innovative digital and print ads, and expand on their professional and intellectual communication.  

Evocial Inc. sees the potential of students and our objective is to successfully prepare students for life after college. This program is new, so we are hoping that we take on a minimum of 5 students every quarter. Our long-term vision is to expand the mentorship program into workshops and scholarships. If you'd like to help us make our dream come true, click here.


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Evocial Interns – September 2015

Sep 13, 2015
evocial interns

Welcome Our Evocial Interns for 2015! Our interns will be covering a campaign that covers global issues and creating an array of creative pieces that interpret their topics (see below).  Their pieces will be featured online and throughout social media, so make sure you follow us on Facebook (evocial). We can’t wait to see what they…

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