Instagram: Not Just for Selfies

Instagram for Marketing and Advertising Purposes

Instagram (IG) is a rapidly growing community, with an estimated 300 million active users to date – 70% of users are outside of the U.S, 30 billion photos have been shared, 2.5 billion daily likes, and 70 million photos shared per day.  And marketers have only begun to penetrate users with photo and video ads.

Instagram lists three basic steps for success:

  1. Start with clear goals
  2. Choose themes to tell a cohesive story
  3. Take the time to create high-quality content

Other tips they recommend are:

  1. Account name should be your business name
  2. Profile photo should be your brand logo or graphic symbol
  3. Text captions should be short and fresh with a few hashtags (max three)
  4. Comment and like using hashtags (click on a hashtag you use, like and comment on other users to lead them back to your page)
  5. Tagging should include the location of your photo or video, and/or tag people from your audience only when they can help you reach a broader audience
  6. Use the image tools and edit your photos and videos with filters and other tools provided in the app
  7. Post photos and videos of beautiful and unexpected moments that feel authentic and immediate – should give a sense of your brand’s identity or point of view


ig stats

You can also view IG case studies for companies such as CapitalOne, Maybelline, McDonald’s, and much more here.

How Users Feel About Instagram Ads

According to Statista, 47.1 % of Instagram members responded “Liked the Photo” when it came to Instagram ads.  44.2 % stated that seeing ads on their timeline did not impact their opinion of Instagram.  Primary users on IG are between the ages of 25-34 – that’s 19.4 million.

Have you utilized Instagram for advertising yet?  It may prove to be a new source of leads if you understand the opportunity and build content worth liking and sharing.

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You can also check out some of our posts on Instagram.  Below you'll find some of our branded posts.

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