Our Story

Evocial Inc. was founded in San Diego, CA by Joan Olonan. Our passion is to help our local community and to ensure the success of small businesses nationwide.  We strive to make your vision our vision, your dreams our dreams. Knowing who you are and what you stand for is our number one priority.

We make our prices affordable for companies, and in return we offer students and graduates the chance to gain experience within the marketing, advertising, and design industry.

Author:  Joan Olonan

Joan Olonan

Founder & CEO

"It's challenging for companies to meet budget when you have multiple costs and vendors to worry about. That's why we created Evocial. We want you to work with a team of specialists, have branded marketing materials, create engaging content and save money."

- Joan Olonan


Jesse Yanez

Vice President

"There is a belief that marketing and advertising is more of a leaking faucet in businesses. We are trying to change that. We want to create campaigns that build a healthy return for your company, but save you money while you do it. We're not here to oversell. We're here to make a difference in small business nationwide."

- Jesse Yanez


Jolin Ramos

Creative Director

"Creating a masterpiece is what motivated you to start a business. We work hard to understand what makes you tick. Let's work together to make sure everyone in your audience sees what you envision every night and day.  Your materials should be original pieces not competition copycats."

- Jolin Ramos

Mission Statement

To ensure we give back to our local community by providing opportunities for students and graduates. To provide fair and professional services to our clients with a passionate belief in what they do.

Vision Statement

To ensure that small businesses can afford to build a successful brand through innovative and creative visuals that align with their targeted audience. 

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