Giving Back to Our Local Schools

We would like to thank you for being Evocial members!

Your membership not only helps keep our business alive, but a percentage of your fees contribute to the Evocial Internship Program for Platt College (local media and arts college). 

The Evocial Internship program is a mentoring internship that provides students a criteria of learning and guidance for building digital and print campaigns, freelancing, advertising, and professional experience for their portfolios.  

Our main objective is to make sure that they acquire the skills and experience needed for long-term success in the advertising and design industry.

Our long-term vision is to open workshops, scholarship programs, and more job opportunities for students and graduates around the nation.  Spreading the word helps achieve this. 

The more memberships, the more we can give back.  If you’d like to help assist us in this dream, you can do so by referring us to another business.  If they sign up, we will give you a discounted rate on your membership fee.

Go from paying $3,000 to $2,800 every month for the remainder of the year.  Now that’s a deal! 

Just make sure that they mention your company when they sign up. After they pay their first month, you will automatically receive the discounted rate the following month.

Help our students achieve and succeed!


Jesse Yanez
Vice President


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